Travel Marketing Agency

With 20 years experience in the travel industry working for independents and global tour operators such as TUI Group, Strateji is best placed to help in providing travel marketing help.

Travel Market | Stay ahead in a dynamic industry

Travel is a dynamic business that is growing fast online. Customers now expect to research, book and check-in online however, these social customers will also help grow your brand. Customers will seek inspiration from peers online, check-in and promote your brand on social sites and be your best brand ambassador spreading the word of their experiences online.

With this in mind getting your social media marketing right is absolutely essential. Your social efforts must be integrated into your customer service processes.

Booking a holiday | The Customer Journey

Your business must understand the customer journey: how customers arrived at your website, what journey that took online, how easy it is to find and book what they were searching for. It is imperative you understand what the value of referrals are from social media and how that flows into your customer service processes. With a longer buying circle than other typical online purchases, it is important to understand how to nurture leads on your website and how to develop leads into sales.

Start-up and SME's have tough competition from global tour operators. It may be that you have joined a consortium and they offer much needed support but getting your website found and understanding how the site is integrated into your business is not necessarily something they help with.

Strateji can help you implement better processes and optimise your site to drive more customers to you online.


Travel & Tourism Marketing Services

Strategy for Travel Industry

Strateji will assess your customer journey looking at how your website is set up to turn visitors into potential leads. In an insight report recommendations will be made covering:

- General website audit
- Review of your site's performance against your main competitors
- Technical advice on any website errors preventing you from ranking
- Technical advice about website layout changes that could be made to enhance the site to be more Google friendly and improve the customer journey
- Keyword research
- Link building ideas including researching your competitors links
- Marketing campaign ideas to help build website authority and brand awareness

Training for Travel Industry

Once established what is needed to help the business put a plan in action, Strateji offers bespoke training to work with employees to help them implement the recommendations.


Travel Marketing Services

For businesses with less resources any recommendations can be outsourced to Strateji. Our services are based around content marketing as we feel content is the key to optimising websites. Our services will include:

- Providing content such as white papers, reports and infographics to attract customers and organisations to share which will form the basis of link strategies
- Website optimisation
- Social media marketing
- Reviewing current content to make sure it contains appropriate call-to-actions that will engage customers to convert into a lead in the sales funnel
- Write content for lead generation such as behavioural targeted emails
- Ensuring the website is designed to monitor and analyse the customer journey of how many visitors turn into leads and sales.