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Did you know that 1,400,000 tweets were sent in 1 hour about Sir Alex Ferguson's retirement? OK, so as a business you may not have celebrity status, but the moral is, get the content right and word of mouth will spread. 

Many business owners are passionate about what they do and have lots to say but struggle to find time to relay that passion to their customers. Then there is the daunting prospect of the growing amount of social media, keeping up with online trends, ensuring quality content is produced reflecting your brand in a positive manner and most importantly, consistency.

Social media cannot be a standalone tactic. A tweet here a post there. Social media needs to be part of your overall brand storytelling that is linked to business objectives and evaluated to understand its performance. It is just one destination of your marketing mix, but an important one. Think of social media as social business.

The future is the social customer. Have you considered strategies to make your social campaigns engaging?

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Did you know that you are 40 times more likely to be found on LinkedIn if you have completed your portfolio?

There are 100's of different social network sites; Strateji firstly considers the best social media sites for your business and its intended purpose. Different social media sites are used for different reasons i.e. to influence your business, to drive your content, to build relationships and to improve your online ratings. We make sense of all this and build social media campaigns that are engaging and that deliver results.

It is important to grow your followings and likes organically. Apart from damaging your online reputation, fake likes also mess up your campaign analytics, as these likes will not be genuine subscribers. Strateji puts in place strategies to grow your followers and likes organically through campaigns that deliver compelling content, using online influencers, online PR, and building your online reputation amongst other methods.

If you have not yet mastered the world of #hash tags then it is time to start to increase visibility to your posts. Customers are increasingly searching using hash tags to find relevant content.

Brands have seen incredible results through building relationships via social media. Customers are favouring brands that are tangible and that interact with them. Trust has never been more important with customers trusting word of mouth recommendations from other users online and Google favouring sites that deliver credible proof. Social media is a great place to build an army of fans that will spread the word about how great your business is online.

Strateji will review your current social media platforms used, create stategies to build your business social graph and engagment with customers. Using our dashboard we will review all your online activity daily, building your followers and sending out relevant content. We will build your brand through monitoring posts, guest blogging and linking with influencers in your industry.


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