Search Engine Optimisation (SE0)

For those of you that are not yet familiar with online digital jargon, SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization. SEO consists of a range of techniques to help you rank higher on search engines such as Google, Yahoo and Bing amongst others.

White Hat SEO

You may have come across the terms Black Hat and White Hat SEO. Black Hat refers to users that try to manipulate Google by using tactics such as keyword stuffing (repeatedly using keywords that you want to get recognised for) and link farming ( sites that you can pay that will give you high quantity links to other sites). These tactics may seem like quick fixes to move up the rankings and achieve high quantities of followers etc. but in the long term can damage your reputation with Google. White Hat SEO uses various strategies to improve online presence organically. The process is more time consuming but the result is far greater.

Penguin Algorithm

Google constantly changes its algorithms to improve the customer experience and penalise those that try to manipulate the system. The recent Penguin algorithm is devised to catch out those that use link farms. The Panda update ranks websites according to the user experience and penalises sites that for example have tons of pop ups and ads and that have a high bounce rate.

Strateji uses tactical research to firstly work out which keywords your business can compete for. There is no point optimising for a word or phrase that has high competition if you are a start-up business. Strateji looks at the credibility of your website and puts together keyword groups that are achievable. As your website grows so will your keywords to compete with bigger brands.

Modern SEO

Content Marketing

Social Media