Improving a website's online position

Project Details

Bikecation's objective was to improve its online presence. Over a period of a few years their online position had slipped and Strateji was tasked to identify any problems preventing the website from ranking well and to devise a link building strategy.

Through Strateji's insight report it was found that the website had a variety of problems causing the issues; in fact the website presented thousands of issues all contributing to it loosing its brand presence.

A mixture of duplicate pages, broken links, poor website optimisation and in some cases 'over optimisation' had resulted in the website being less productive. There was also a number of 'spammy' websites linking to Bikecation that needed to be disavowed through Google

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More Details

Initially conducted a website insight report and identified all the errors. The work was then broken down to phases in terms of priority. Phase 1 - Made recommendations to the website architecture and resolved duplicate pages issues. This included duplicate content across the website and issues caused by using tags in the blog. Broken links were also found and resolved. Phase 2 - Re-evaulated the optimisation of the website looking at all the website pages and blog. Analysing the website's back link profile. Phase 3 - Devise a link building strategy to help the website grow in authority.
Technical SEO Skills, Analytical Skills