Marketing Strategy

Every successful website starts with a marketing strategy aligned with overall business goals. Doing a bit of social here and there and random or inconsistent PPC spend is not likely to give your business a good return on investment. As with any job well done, the result is in the preparation. It is essential that research is conducted and that different marketing services are integrated to make the most of your budget.

Google's Hummingbird Algorithm

Before tackling digital marketing it is important to understand how Google operates. Most new business owners are drawn to designing a website they think looks good however, it is important it works for you. SEO should always be considered in the web design process. Many webmasters do not understand SEO and build websites that are not Google friendly.

Content should be written for the customer and optimised for Google to understand your website. Google's hummingbird algorithm now reads websites with a more human approach.

Marketing Strategy Healthcheck

It is important that any business with an online presence has an online marketing plan separate to the main business plan. It is important to know your position in the market place, your competitors and what you want to achieve from your marketing tactics.

Insight Report

Strateji will analyse how well your website is performing against its competitors and detail how you can improve its performance. The report will cover the following areas:

- General website audit
- Review of your site's performance against your main competitors
- Technical advice on any website errors preventing you from ranking
- Technical advice about website layout changes that could be made to enhance the site to be more Google friendly
- Keyword research
- Link building ideas including researching your competitors links
- Marketing campaign ideas to help build website authority and brand awareness

Analysing these reports will help you to drill down and understand how successful your marketing campaigns are and to re-align goals to achieve growth.

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Content Marketing

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