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Strateji is a digital marketing agency that offers digital marketing services in Sussex. Ambitious small businesses can compete online by integrating marketing services. It is important businesses now build their brand online through engaging with customers and online partnerships, keeping on track with a strategy and investing in a little bit of technical help.

Read below how can help your business:

Brand Building

Brand building is the best way to build your online presence. Google has new algorithms that better understand the content on your site and now pays much more attention to how your customers interact with you. In the past websites used to rank through keyword stuffing and building lots of links. Many were irrelevant but it did not matter as it was a case of more the merrier to help you rank. Nowadays old SEO techniques are more likely to get you penalised than help you rank well online.

Today, websites need to build up their brand authority. Consider what ever you do offline you need to do online. Networking, making conversation, building your reputation should be replicated online. It is rumoured that in the future Google will not put so much emphasis on links but instead on brand mentions.

To help businesses Strateji combines modern SEO knowledge with outreach, content marketing and social media marketing to help build your brand and to build growth online.


To successfully brand build businesses need to constantly seek out new opportunities to link to relevant businesses and organisations online. SEO specialists need a wider set of skills than ever before or, businesses need to integrate business development and partnerships management with SEO.

Strateji's unique USP is that from the start Strateji works with your business to understand your industry and seeks out opportunities to drive partnerships online that will benefit your business.


Digital Reputation

Do you know how to protect your online reputation? Do you know who is talking about your business online?

It has never been so important to protect your online brand. With ever changing technology and increasing customer interaction, it is difficult to protect your online reputation. Customers favour tangible businesses that allow online feedback and give honest customer reviews. As a business owner you may find negative feedback a challenge and find it difficult to know the best way to respond. Prevention in this case is always better than the cure.

We use systems that allow us to monitor what is being discussed about your brand over all the social networks and internet, even if they are not people that follow you. If you have a larger customer service team, we can also set up customer response tickets to individual memebers in your team that woud best deal with a query posted on a social network site.

Online PR is also about promoting your business. We will look for influencers and opportunities to promote your business and link to search engines, blogs, forums, discussion threads, affiliate schemes, social network sites and other communication channels.

Modern SEO

Content Marketing

Social Media