6 Steps to Writing Content

Writing content that benefits your online position

It is now imperative that as a business you are writing content to rank with search engines. Your business needs to reach out and inform customers of their choices, rather than sell to them.

Through writing content, you can engage with your customers, build a rapport, and build a relationship. This method of attracting customers is more likely to build a loyal fan base and prevent customers from dating around with the competition!

There are huge benefits with search engines when you grow your bank of online content and build your army of online followers. Search engines start to trust you. Google’s algorithms like to see interaction with you and your online customers. The more customers like, share, and recommend your website and posts, the more it shows Google your customers trust you. You will probably know by now that Google does not use keywords anymore to rank your site. It uses a more ‘human approach’ so, the more content you post, the more authority Google sees you have within your online industry. The more Google reads, the more it is likely to return your site in search engine results.

1. Keyword Spamming
Do not write content for SEO purposes. Write for the reader. There is no point trying to spam your work with keywords with Google’s new algorithm. Research what search queries a customer may search for and try to incorporate these in your work, but write naturally and inspire customers with your work.

2. Link Building
Link building is important to where you rank with Google however, think quality not quantity. Do not blog on guest sites with thin content just to add links. Matt Cutts, the head of Google’s web spamming team, recently announced that using guest blogs for links is becoming a ‘spammy practice’ and ‘is a clear violation of Google’s best practices’. This does not mean however, we should stop writing articles. It is just more important to vet anyone that wishes to blog on your site (to stop people spamming your site with links that you did not know existed) and choose quality online magazines to contribute your work too. Check out Google’s new’ Authorship’. You can link your Google+ page to where you contribute work.

3. Quality
Make sure your work is proof read and you are producing quality content for your readers. If you are using word, you can turn on readability statistics using the Flesch Reading Ease scoring system. Aim for around 60 to 70 on the reading scale, as articles should be easily understood. You can also check the quality of your links to your sites in Webmaster tools; you can remove any unsavoury looking links that you did not know existed.

4. Get to know your audience
Get to know your audience using ‘persona profiles’. These will help you understand the personalities of your audience and help you to write in a manner than captures their attention. You will need to know your audience’s demographics such as their age range, gender, marital status, social class etc as well as their hobbies and other brands they associate themselves with to fully engage and tailor your products, services, and marketing to them.

5. Duplicated Content
Never duplicate content. It is ok to retweet the odd tweet, but when writing blogs and content on your site, make sure it is original. I know many online shop owners that simply cut and paste descriptions for products, especially those stores that drop -ship and have thousands of products on their site. If your content is also on scores of other sites, it is likely that you will not rank very highly. Take time to write unique content. It will be worth it in the end.

6. Interaction
Encourage interaction. Always respond to comments on your guests posts. Deal with negative comments in the manner that you deal with other customer service issues in your business. The more likes and shares your posts receive, the more it will help you rank. Facebook now has a new tool for local businesses for customers to rate your services. You will find this on your business page. Make is visible for customers to leave feedback. Plant the seed, encouraging customers to leave you feedback throughout the buying process.

Strateji is a marketing agency that focuses on the strategies businesses need to adopt to grow their customer base and website online. Strateji also offers training and online marketing services to help businesses implement recommendations. For any further information about any of the topics covered, speak to us at info@strateji.co.uk

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