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Content marketing is the buzzword for online marketing. If you have not spent much time online telling your customers about your product and service, then its time to start! Sell the story of your product. Let customers know what they are missing out on if they have not yet tried you. Educate your community about your industry..... Together let us get creative!

For your website to stand out on the web - you have to be different

The golden rule when putting together content is that it needs to be unique, relevant and interesting.

Relevant and interesting content can help build an emotional attachment with your audience. Customers that engage with your content and brand will return to your site. Your business will build credibility and trust with both Google and your customers. The more credible content your website delivers, the more Google loves to read it.

To improve your ranking, content needs to be fresh and consistently updated. It is important to make sure your email, blogs, website and social media posts work for your business. You can share the most compelling content but to deliver results it needs to contain 'calls for action' and link in with your SEO strategies. We will then look at sharing this content to wider audiences via online influencers and other methods and increasing your links using your content to link with relevant sites.

Generate content that will build you links

Links to your site are very important for your website to rank well. Producing credible and engaging content is a good way to encourage people to share your content tying in with link building campaigns.

As part of Google's new algorithm, having authorship in your industry is recognised as important and will give you credibility to improve your ranking.

Imagery should also be a focus. All social media posts should have them. Unique pictures can help reflect your brand and make it stand out. You should consider using Pinterest or Instragram to display your images as these sites have become very popular with customers.

Strategy's content marketing services looks at ways to deliver great content that your customers will want to share and talk about.

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