Digital Marketing Agency in Crowborough is a digital marketing agency in Crowborough, East Sussex specialising in helping small, ambitious businesses grow their website presence and brand online. Strateji is unique as it combines business development with digital marketing to maximise marketing efforts. 

No one stand alone tactic will help get your website found online. To be successful, businesses need to adopt a digital marketing strategy that combines all its online practices such as: social media marketing, paid search, SEO (search engine optimisation) and content marketing. Efforts need to be carefully planned to work in tandem with each other.

Get it right and even small businesses can compete online with bigger brands. Strateji is committed to building your brand online, increasing your online visibility and managing the customer process to turn visitors into loyal customers.

Our Work

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Every successful website has a great digital marketing strategy aligned with their overall business objectives.

Modern SEO

The world of SEO is rapidly evolving. Strateji uses a mix of modern SEO techniques to increase your websites visibility.

Social Media

Social media is an important part of brand building. Strateji will help you build up your platforms and engagement online.

Content Marketing

Content should be at the heart of every SEO strategy and campaign. Strateji helps you deliver engaging content.


Relevancy is important, building natural links for your business. Strateji builds partnerships online to benefit your business.

Marketing Strategy

To be successful any project needs to start with a good strategy, hence our business name! Strateji starts by analysing a website's online position and architecture to build a strategy. Our insight reports will look at all areas of your online position including: whether your website is Google friendly, your link profile, competitor analysis, how well pages on your website are optimised, your social media profiles are more. Progress is then analysed to understand the results of brand building efforts and to deliver a return on investment. Read more 

Brand Building

The best way to grow your website position online is through brand-building. Brand-building is achieved through a combination of practices such as: content marketing, social media marketing, outreach and search engine optimization. Brand-building is designed to develop awareness of your business to naturally generate links to your website. To rank online it is essential to have recommendations from other relevant organisations in your industry. If another website links to you, Google sees this as a vote of confidence. Quality, relevant links are crucial to a competitive online position. Read more

Project Work

Sometimes a business requires something a little more special to get customers engaged. Strateji will help you achieve this.

Paid Search

Strateji manages PPC campaigns to deliver high performance campaigns using research and analytical skills.

Online PR

Brand reputation is important. Customer service process online should be as robust as they are offline.


Strateji offers bespoke training to small business to help them understand digital marketing and to skill up employees.

SEO Audit

Insight reports help you understand your online position, what your competitors are doing and how to move forward.